Todd Arthur Bridges, Ph.D.

Over the last 10+ years I have led award-winning teams on projects in technology, finance, entrepreneurship, and organizational governance. My experiences in startups, academia, think-tanks, research institutes, and investment management have allowed me to acquired a diverse set of relational skills (built strategic frameworks, led cross-functional teams, advised senior leadership) and analytical tools (statistical modeling, financial modeling, quant + qual research programs). My formal training and postdocs were completed at top-tier research universities in the United States and Europe.


We are currently building a venture-backed startup to bring sustainable impact investing mainstream through technology, data science, and design. We implement Nobel Prize winning strategies to create customized portfolios of responsible, low-cost investments based on your financial goals, risk preferences, and personal values.

I have previous experience managing strategy and operations for a research institute. Working with an international team of research scientists, we built a proprietary database and conducted empirical analysis on the rise of global technology ecosystems--which included quantitative data on 1500+ technology companies and qualitative data from meetings with 50+ founders, venture capitalists, and angel investors.


During my doctorate and post doctoral fellowships, I examined the changing structure of financial markets and the emerging governance structures in the alternative investment industry. Alternative investments have become essential for modern financial capitalism by providing new sources of capital and credit. The central concern, however, is that the organizations that operate in this market are "lightly" regulated or unregulated--which have the potential to cause systemic risk. My work included building strategic relationships with 40+ hedge fund managers and CIOs, and conducting 4 years of economic research.

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